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Meat to Please You

We make our beef jerky with the finest ingredients

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Gentle on the Jaw, Tough to Beat

Beef jerky should be enjoyable to eat, not leave you with a sore jaw and a bad taste in your mouth. Don't settle for meat that's inedible - make Can't Beat My Meat Jerky Co. your go-to for a tasty, savory snack. We're proud to be a veteran-owned family business in Auburn, ME. Be sure to ask about our veteran discounts.

There's no contest. Our meat is superior to the other guys' jerky. Here's why:

Theirs is...

A salty surprise

But ours is...

Made from high-quality lean beef
Easy to bite
Low in sodium

You be the judge - is our meat unbeatable? Order your favorite flavor and let us know what you think. Feel free to leave us a review.

Call 207-240-7009 now to find out what flavor we're promoting this week.

A couple of links certainly won't satisfy. That's why we require customers to order a minimum of 3.5 ounces of our jerky. You'll thank us later.

Each week we feature one flavor, with crowd favorites being our sweet teriyaki, pineapple habanero, honey Sriracha, savory steakhouse and spicy Thai peanut jerky.

Our meat is the talk of the town

Maybe you've seen our fans wearing our merch, or maybe you've seen our logo at events we sponsor. Although we don't have a retail store (yet!), you can find us at local festivals and farmers markets. Come see us!