Talk About a Delicious

Once you taste our meat, you'll never want to go back

Can't stand salty jerky? Neither can we. That's why we make our meat with 100% beef and low sodium.

Can't Beat My Meat Jerky Co. sells one flavor a week, with crowd favorites being our...

  • Honey Sriracha jerky: Incredibly sweet from the honey with a very gentle sting from the sriracha. The honey definitely mutes the heat so it’s not overpowering. A lot of buzz about this one.
  • Pineapple habanero jerky: wait,….you hear that….flavor explosion in your mouth!! Pineapple Habanero dazzles the taste buds with the sweetness of pineapple citrus flavor complimented by a smooth gradual heat from habanero and scotch bonnet peppers.
  • Savory steakhouse jerky: Savory Steakhouse is deliciously rich in flavor, smoky, tangy, peppery, bold flavor. Imagine a nice juicy steak on the grill with tons of wonderful flavor in every bite.
  • Spicy Thai peanut jerky: Very unique heat from the red pepper flakes and wonderfully warm from the peanut butter, Spicy Thai Peanut is sure to help you escape from routine and expand your palate. 
  • Sweet teriyaki jerky: You know what’s sweeter than sweet? Sweet Teriyaki meat! Often referred to as “meat candy”, this we can say with certainty is the most requested flavor. Garlicky, gingery, and sure to pleasure your palate.

One bite of our meat, and you'll be in heaven.

Please be aware that we require a minimum order of 3.5 ounces. Turnaround times are about one week, but our flavorful jerky is worth the wait. Call 207-240-7009 now to place your order.

Keep coming, so we can keep it coming

Our meat has become so popular that we're planning to open a retail location in Auburn, ME. You can help us speed up the process by...

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